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What Happens When Crafting Hands You Lemons!

If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they’re yours. But, if it just sits in your living room, messes up our stuff, eats your food, uses your phone, takes your money, and does not appear to realize that you had set them free… You either married it or gave birth to it.

Last weekend I headed off to the local craft fair that is held at the fair grounds each October.  I do this every year and this is where I find some fun and special goodies for Christmas gifts and MOST of all great ideas on things to make.

One of the things that caught our eye was a sign with a play on the famous saying.  We howled at the sign and my friend really had a liking to it, but it was not quite something that would look cute in her home.  So here is my version of that idea and I think she is going to love it.  I like that I made it have a very classical and elegant feel, so it will draw a person in to read it expecting it to be inspirational and sappy and then POW not at all what your were expecting with a side of chuckles!

I found this wood box structure at Michael’s and it is 12×12.  I then painted layers using craft paint colors of brown and buttermilk.  Using Cricut Craft Room and the Wild Card font, I made a stencil of this saying…I then ROYALLY messed up with the execution the original idea and had a huge mess of paper, Mod Podge and paint and had to pull apart the big mess and sand for quite some time.  Once that was over and I slept on what in the heck I was gong to do.

I decided to cut the saying with a light brown vinyl and transfer it onto the project using transfer tape.  OH THE PAIN of taking out all the nested portions to the letters.  YUCK!  Then I had to face the reality that the lettering was too light for the project and instead of scraping off all the vinyl and cutting it out with black vinyl (like I should have and ALMOST did), I traced each letter over with black Sharpie!

Once that nightmare was over, I played around with several embellishments and decided to pull out Flower Shoppe and cut some scalloped flowers out in 2,3 4 inches sizes. I added some pearls and ribbon.

I used some pretty scrapbook paper from K&Company Designer Paper series and framed the outside boarders using Zip Dry paper glue! That stuff is awesome!

I guess you could say I originally made this project into a batch of lemons and somehow managed to salvage it into a solid glass of lemonade!

Thanks for sharing a piece of “never give up on your lemon moments, just add some sleep and heart to squeeze out some sweet lemonade” pie with me!

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A Quick Pre-Game Day Card and Post!

It is almost game day here at Camp Pie.  Thanksgiving is one of my fav holidays!  Since I love to cook, I find this holiday is my personal Superbowl.  The house is already stating to fill with the aroma of sweet and savory things!  We don’t have a lot of family close by, but I cook like we do so friends that  pop in over the long weekend  will have plenty to eat!   

This weekend will be filled with heading off to the mall at midnight Thanksgiving to see what Gymboree has to offer on deals and just get out with the “crazies”,  getting Christmas out and re-organizing the house! 

Here was a project I did before I transitioned into Turkey Day Bowl!  It was a thank you card for a pre-turkey day dinner we were invited to.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks for having a piece of “tingling with Turkey Day fever” pie with me.


Cricut Cartridge: Wild Card –  both card and envelope cut at 5 inches.

Paper: Die Cuts with a View – Cotton Stacker and Recollections for white sentiment holder

Ink: Martha Stewart Craft Ink pens

Stamp – My Pink Stamper

Ribbon – Crinkle Ribbon Vanilla Bean – My Craft Spot

Additional Embellishments – Perfect Peals – Bistro set (added around sentiment for a more distressed look)

Who Needs Pottery Barn When You Can DIY for Made it Myself Monday!

I have been saving this for You had Me at Craft’s “Made It Myself Monday”.  Today one of my favorite young ladies (16 year-old Madison from Funky Cards) has the control of MIMM and I am VERY happy for her.  She is such a blessing and encouragement for us, gen Xers, that when we are all old, she is the hopeful example of the generation that will be in charge. 

Now on to the challenge! 

I am obsessed with Pottery Barn.  I love EVERYTHING and I do mean EVERYTHING they have in their catalogue, but like most of you all I do not have a money tree in my back yard, so I have been forced to use their inspiration and do it myself. 

I have had my eye on the Pottery Barn Kid’s banner for Halloween for a few years now, and finally decided to make a couple for myself  and a dear friend. I wanted to challenge myself a little on this project and made it a completely “No Sew” project using my Cricut in cutting out the pattern and material. 

By the way, no matter how easy people say it is on all the message boards and blogs to cut material using their Cricut, it is still very challenging and if you have a trick or tip that you finds works, please let me know :-). I even went out and bought the deep cut blade and housing.

Thanks for sharing a piece of “doing it yourself Pottery Barn Style” pie with me!


Cricut cartridges:

  • Deep Cut Blade and Housing for Cricut
  • Design Studio
  • Celebrations – Banner pattern cut out of heavy-duty card stock.  It was the triangle pendant at 6 inches
  • Wild Card font at 3 inches and manipulated with Design Studio (if you want the exact measurements, please contact me and I will give them to you)

Medium Ric-Rack – back and orange

Novelty Seasonal Halloween Material found at Jo-Ann’s

Glossy Accents (White Enamel) for the tracing out of letters

Wonder -Under (used for ironing on letters to pendants) – I found that I ironed on the Wonder-Under and then peeled off back and then placed on the Cricut matt to cut seem to work the best.  The settings varied each cut – I had to do a lot of babysitting.

1/2 inch black binding for stringing banner

Random buttons

Glitter Tulle – Jo-Ann’s (cut into 1.5 x 3 inch strips and tied together to make “fluff flower”. Each “fluff flower had 5 strips.)

Straight cutter – Used to cut out pendents using pattern I made.

Pre -sticky bling dots!  Love those for that little sparkle they bring!

Hot glue/gun

Ice pack – to deal with the hot glue burns. 🙂

Happy B-Latte Birthday!

I will let the title speak for itself.  I made this card for my sister-in-law since I did remember her b-day, but forgot to mail her a card.  She loves coffee and I thought what a cute play on words.  This turned out to be one of my favorite cards I have made so far!

I used my Design Studio to weld letters together from the Wild Card cartridge AND got to try out one of my favorite new cartridges, Love You A Latte!   I was a little backwards at first on how it cuts out, but after a few “whoops” moments and some paper waste, I figured it out.  

To get the look I was going for, I had to use the “real size” dial on the base layer and then disable that and cut the layers a few times on different paper for each layer color I wanted.   I decided, that this card recipe would be better explained on a video, so I may shoot my fist one. . . . we will see.

Thank you for sharing a piece of “b-latte” pie with me!



  • Wild Card for the font (I love the font on this cart!)  font size was 1.5 inches.
  • Love You a Latte Cricut Light – this is so far one of my top 3 fav carts!  Cup shadow (dark brown paper) was cut at 5 1/2 on “real size” then the layers were cut on normal setting at 5 1/2. 


  • Recollections off white for card base 8.5×11 cut in half and then using a bone folder, folding in half to make a card
  • Die Cuts with a View – Harvest Gatherings (mini stack 4.5×6.5) cut at 4 x 5 1/4 and then embossed
  • Various scrap for cup layers and lettering (love using scrap paper for these types of projects since I seem to accumulate a ton)

Cuttlebug: Embossing Folder “Happy Birthday”

Ribbon: My Craft Spot: Baker’s Twine

Stickles: Diamonds

Pop Dots

The Over- the -Top Home Built Play House…

. . . but the kids love it!

Back in mid-summer I mentioned that we were building our girls a play house.  Well, it is finally done.  Actually it has been done for about a month, but I just found some time to photograph it.  

It was an amazing project to create.  We used no plans.  The hubs is a mechanical engineer, so designing things from scratch comes easy to him.  I had a lot of imput, but he did the majority of the work.  I designed the interior and assisted in the endless caulking and painting  (so did the kiddos) . I made the cherry accents using the Tart and Tangy Stampin’ Up set and Stickles!  I also even had a chance to pull out the ol’ Cricut for a vinyl wall accent (The famous quote from Pooh that Christopher Robins says to Pooh Bear.)

I still have curtains, a table-cloth and some accent pillows for the loft to make, but all in all it is done and being played in every day.  

I already called dibs on it when the kids grow to old for it… I am thinking “Craft Flat’!

Thanks for coming and sharing a piece of ” whimsical childhood dreams coming true” pie with me

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Trying out My New Cartridge: Wild Cards

I just got Cricut’s Wild Cards in the mail and I tested it out on making a quick card for some friends that just bought their first home.  I have to say that I really like this cartridge!  It has a ton of options to customize a piece of you into each creation!  It is worth checking it out.


Cricut Cartridge: Wild Cards set at 7.  I first made the envelope on “fit to page” and then made the card based on that size.

Paper: Die Cuts with a View- Cotton Blossoms and open stock embossed paper from Michael’s (shrubs)


Brads – Making Memories

Sentiment: My Pink Stamper

Ink: Stampin’ Up Early Espresso