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The Over- the -Top Home Built Play House…

. . . but the kids love it!

Back in mid-summer I mentioned that we were building our girls a play house.  Well, it is finally done.  Actually it has been done for about a month, but I just found some time to photograph it.  

It was an amazing project to create.  We used no plans.  The hubs is a mechanical engineer, so designing things from scratch comes easy to him.  I had a lot of imput, but he did the majority of the work.  I designed the interior and assisted in the endless caulking and painting  (so did the kiddos) . I made the cherry accents using the Tart and Tangy Stampin’ Up set and Stickles!  I also even had a chance to pull out the ol’ Cricut for a vinyl wall accent (The famous quote from Pooh that Christopher Robins says to Pooh Bear.)

I still have curtains, a table-cloth and some accent pillows for the loft to make, but all in all it is done and being played in every day.  

I already called dibs on it when the kids grow to old for it… I am thinking “Craft Flat’!

Thanks for coming and sharing a piece of ” whimsical childhood dreams coming true” pie with me

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