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It is Not a Piece of Pie, It is a Piece of Cupcake!

So. . . I have been working on a HUGE and I mean a HUGE project for all the moms in my daughter’s co-op preschool.  I am making scrapbooks for about 14 moms so all they have to do is slap pictures from the year in them and be done with it.It will have about 22 pages to each of them and then I will bind it with my Cinch It.   I am a bit worried that my Expressions is going to die on me mid-project since I have been giving it a work-out and I am really having fun learning how to use my Imagine to take some of the load off of my beloved Expressions.  So that is why I have been not competing in any challenges, or doing any special projects for myself.

Now, when I get a little overwhelmed, I find myself in the kitchen or outside doing something active.  Since I am out of commission right now on anything active due to a minor surgery and healing foot issues, I head to the kitchen.  I made these two cupcake recipes and they were soo much fun to make and eat.  It was mainly for “reasearch” for my daughter’s birthday party ideas for next year… Vintage Circus or County Fair theme…

Needless to say the Twinkie and Orange Creamsicle will be on the menu!  I found a cupcake corer at Williams Sonoma for around $5.  It totally worked amazingly well… I was actually surprised how well it worked for how cheap it was.  Just goes to show you, Williams Sonoma knows kitchen needs well!

Twinkie Cupcakes: Click here for the recipe:

Orange Creamsicle Cupcakes: Click here for the recipe:  PLEASE NOTE: I did not use the citrus olive oil and did not sub in anything.  I also used a 13 oz jar of fluff instead of 7 0z.  I found it too buttery for the filling with only 7 oz.

Thanks for sharing a piece of the “pie morphing into a cupcake” pie with me!


About apieceoflifespie

I am a stay at home domestic engineer that has a love for my family, food, writing, crafting, photography and most of all a clean and orderly house. I feel I was born in the wrong era in many things and the only thing I would change if I was a "Donna Reed or June Cleaver" kind of mom is that I would still get to wear my sweats and Crocs while washing the windows.

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  1. Dang, girl! Them’s look DELICIOUS!!! Oh how I wish I lived right next door to you!! LoL Even the smells wafting from your kitchen would satisfy me! 🙂 I think it is totally awesome what you are doing for the families in your group. Pre-made scrapbooks are an awesome and easy idea. 🙂 I am currently making an album for my mother-in-law. I am doing it differently though. I am using a regular 4 X 6 photo albumn and using smaller pictures mounted on 4X6 carstock and stuff. I think it will look awesome when finished. It might even be my first video…:P Anyway, I must be quiet now so off I go. Take care and have a great weekend/week!!! 😀

  2. Thanks so much for featuring my Twinkie Cupcakes! They look great!!

    • No worries, thank you for this recipe! Since the twinkie is going to be something of the past, it is nice to have this in my back pocket of yummy treats! BTW: your site rocks!

      • Thank you! And you’re so welcome. Personally, if the world ends, I think Twinkies will be a thing of the future. I mean, who wouldn’t want to eat a magical food that survives the apocalypse?!

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