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Tooth Fariy Money Holders

I am a “quasi” aunt to a very close-set of friends that have 4 children.  We all met and started dating our spouses at the same time (our husbands are Engineers and worked closely with each other).  They were a little more on the fast track than the hubs and I and married and started having kids a few years before the hubs and I said, “I Do”.

Last night I got a text that their oldest (who I met when he was just days old) lost his first tooth!  I had ordered the Tooth Fairy stamp from Stampin’ Up with this project in mind, just did not think I would have to execute it as soon as I did.  Luckily the little toothless guy lost it while his dad was not at home and wanted to wait to show his dad before he passed it off to the Tooth Fairy!

So today, I whipped out a few of these so I can hand deliver these on the sly by this evening!

Thanks for coming and sharing a piece of “having fun with childhood right of passage” pie with me!

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