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A Banner of a Thank You Card

Hello everyone!  Well I have to admit I have been really sick… three weeks sick. It first started with strep that both my youngest and I got.  Ten days later  I got what I thought was a terrible cold that brought me back to the doctor because my throat was killing me and had blisters on it and I was terrified I picked up Hand, Foot, Mouth that has been going around like wildfire here to find out that the strep I had never went away with the antibiotics and had to go on another round of antibiotics.  Then yesterday I found myself back in the doctor’s office because I was still really feeling bad to find out I had a lung infection that seeded from the strep, so back on antibiotics again with a follow-up on Monday to check my lungs.

Now did I lay around these past three weeks?  Heck NO! It is summer and a busy one at that with lots of out-of-town guest, travel and projects.  AND that is probably why I got the big one-two- THREE punch of the sickies.  So while I have been running on whirl wind auto pilot these past few weeks, my blog has been VERY neglected, but the craft studio has not.  Here is one of the projects I have cooked up this past week.

I promised to make a slew  12 thank you cards for my godmother that fell and broke her hip in July to give to those that really helped out while she was down for the count.  I decided I never have a stash any thank you cards for myself so I added to the order for my own using.  I ended up making three different sets for a total of 18 cards.

This card is my favorite of the three sets so that is why I am showing it off first! I broke into my My Pink Stamper Happy Birthday Doodles and had a great time just coloring and creating.

Thanks for sharing a piece of “under the weather pie” with me.

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Cricut cartridge Something to Celebrate (banner and I don’t remember the cut size sorry)

Paper- Die Cuts with a View- Cirtrus Stacker

My Pink Stamper Happy Birthday Doodle Kit (used everything in the packet: Pens, stamp, paper and coloring pens)

Sentiment – My Pink Stamper Itty Bitty-licious

Ink – CTMH – Cotton Candy

Twine – Stampin’ Up


About apieceoflifespie

I am a stay at home domestic engineer that has a love for my family, food, writing, crafting, photography and most of all a clean and orderly house. I feel I was born in the wrong era in many things and the only thing I would change if I was a "Donna Reed or June Cleaver" kind of mom is that I would still get to wear my sweats and Crocs while washing the windows.

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  1. Oh NO!! I hope you feel better soon, that sounds terrible!!! (and my thoughts exactly, you’re so busy and that’s why you got nailed!!) The thank you’s are darling, I love the banners!! She will love them!!

  2. Oh my – you have been run through the mill. Strep is one of those horrible ones. My youngest daughter, last Jan – just as school went back – ended up off for 3 weeks, from strep to double infection to pneumonia. You really do have to try and rest a little! I know its difficult for us Mum’s because we carry on regardless, I love your cards they are so pretty. Lots of hugs and get well wishes. Karon

  3. Oh no! I’m so sorry you’ve had the sickies! Sounds like you need a break, girl! I don’t know how you do it with being sick & having kids. It seems impossible to me, lol. I absolutely love the simplicity of these cards & I love your design! I hope you’re feeling better real soon & please let me know if there’s anything I can do (probably not much from 700 miles away, but still). Love you & big get well soon hugs!

    Diana 🙂
    Leelee Card Designs


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