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Clothespin are for more than just Laundry!



Spring is in the air and what  better use for clothespins, other than hanging freshly laundered sheets, is making a bright, full of sparkle and cheery wreath using 3-D Enamel gels from Globecraft and Piccolo, glitter and washi tape!  I got this idea from one of my best blog buddies, Holly from Ribbons and Glue, and just have not got enough of making these things!  I feel like Bubba from Forest Gump…, “Clothespin wreaths with washi tape, Clothespin wreaths with glitter, clothespin wreaths with fabric, clothespin wreaths with Globecraft and Piccolo 3D Enamel Gel . . .”  I think you get my point, I want to make a million of these things and in my opinion the world could not have too many clothespin wreaths! 🙂

Materials Needed:

Step 1:  Prepping 6 inch hoop and clothespins Using white stamping ink and dauber, ink the full hoop to give a “white wash” appearance to it. Then ink the top and sides of the clothes pins for the same effect.  Set aside to set and dry (this should only take about 10 minutes).


Step 2:  Glittering tops of clothespins Separate out 14 clothespins and decide on how many clothespins go to each color of glitter.  In this project, (6)glitter colors were used and divided out (3)clothespins per the two lightest colored glitters and the remainder colors had (2)clothespins each.

Apply Art Glitter Designer Dries Clear Adhesive to the top of the clothespin, dust glitter over the adhesive, shake off the excess and set aside to set and dry.  Repeat for all 14 clothes pins.  The glitter clothespins will set in dry in about an hour.


Step 3: Applying  3D Enamel Gel to the tops of clothespins Using (6) of the inked clothespins apply Piccolo 3D Enamel Gel to the tops of the clothespins and set aside to set and dry.  For this project, two clothespins were assigned to each 3D enamel gel color.


Step 4: Adding the Washi Tape There should be 11 remaining inked clothespins.  Separate them out to the number of washi tape patterns you have.  In this project, there were five different washi tape patterns used.  (2) clothespins were used for four of the five patterns and for the last pattern, (3)clothespins were used.

Stick the washi tape to the top of the clothespin using the edge as a guide for setting.  Add pressure to stick. Cut and trim the ends and then trim down the side that has the excess washi tape.


Step 5: Assembling the Wreath This is clearly up to the crafters desire. This wreath was done in loose pattern of (1)washi tape, (2) glitter and (1) 3D enamel gel starting at the top and working clockwise down. Finish with looping 18 inches of 1 ½ inches of ribbon around the top and hang!



This fun, easy and fresh wreath will add a touch of spring to any door or mantel.  The 3D Enamel Gels are a great addition to a project like this since it really ads a whole new level of texture and pop among the pattern wahsi tape and the sparkle of the glitter.   Be sure to head over and check out my project using some new C-O-O-L product they have over at  Globecraft and Piccolo!  It is a MUST HAVE!




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A Fun and Festive Yarn Wreath using Globecraft & Piccolo Products!


Today is my first blog post as a Globecraft and Piccolo design team member!  I have this post and a post up over on the Globecraft and Piccolo blog happening today!  I sure have been a very busy girl, but I have had a blast working with these product lines!  Their products for embossing and glittering are out of the world amazing!  I am serious!  I have worked with my fair share of product in this arena and I quit using a lot of it, because I thought it was me not being able to master technique or the product.  Well I am thrilled to say it is NOT me!

There is a  total difference  in efficiency, hardly any waste, goes on even, sets amazingly well.  AND the Glitter! Oh my goodness I have never seen anything like it and does it really cling to their glaze/adhesive, called Glastique Matte.

So here is what I had cookin’ with some of these amazing products . . . yes another yarn wreath!  OK, I must admit I love making these and this will probably not be the last one you will see.


Materials Needed:

  • G&P Enamel/Embossing Powder Adhesive
  • G&P Glastique Matte Powder
  • G&P Napthol Red 3D Enamel Gell
  • G&P Pure Sparkle Silver Glitter
  • G&P Siam Silver Embossing Powder
  • 14 inch foam ring/wreath – Michael’s
  • Yarn – Michael’s
  • Straight Pins – Jo-Anns
  • Metal snowflakes – recycled Christmas garland
  • Ribbon – Celebrate it (both kinds) – Michael’s
  • Bling  -Michael’s
  • Letter – Michael’s
  • Hot glue gun

Making the Wreath:

How I made the wreath was very simple . . . almost relaxing.  What you do is get a foam ring from your local craft store. This one happens to be 14 inches in size.  I picked up some “woolly yarn” and some straight pins as well.

Tie a knot at the end of the yarn and push a pin through the knot on the backside of the wreath.  Begin  to wrap the yarn over and around the wreath covering the tail of the yarn.  When ending one color and going on to the next, tie a knot on the ending color and push a pin through it to secure on the backside of the wreath towards the middle.  Then start the steps over with the new color.

PicMonkey Collage1

Pretty simple huh?   This wreath took about an hour and a half to wrap, but I was watching TV, so my focus was not solely on the wreath.


Making the Snowflake Embellishments:

These are metal snowflakes I pulled off of an old garland, you could use paper, chipboard, wood…etc.  Applying  Glastique Matte cover the embellishment and dust with Piccolo Pure Sparkle Glitter  and shake off the excess.  Allow to set and dry and repeat on opposite side.

PicMonkey Collage2

Making Letter Embellishment: 

Using a MDF letter found at a local craft store, apply Piccolo Enamel/Embossing Powder Adhesive to the outer edges of the letter with a small brush or Q-tip.  Dust outer edges with Piccolo Siam Silver Enamel Powder.  It does not need to have full coverage, just enough to cover most of it since it will be painted over with another Piccolo product.   Heat and set with heat gun.

PicMonkey Collage3

Next you will apply Piccolo Enamel/Embossing Powder Adhesive to the front of the letter and dust with  Piccolo Siam Silver Enamel Powder. Shake off the excess and set with a heat gun.

PicMonkey Collage4

Now apply Piccolo Napthol Red 3-D Enamel Gel to all the edges of letter.  Set aside to allow to set and dry.  This will take a little over a hour.


Once letter is dry, tie a ribbon around the letter and add an embellishment to the bow  using hot glue and set aside.  Then wrap and tie pom-pom ribbon around each ends of the wreath and attach embellishments to it using wax twine.  Then place letter on the wreath by adhering it with hot glue.

PicMonkey Collage5

There it is a work well done with some serious added sparkle.  This wreath would be an excellent replacement for your Christmas wreath come January.


Be sure to pop on over and check out my other project over at the Globecraft and Piccolo’s blog today!  Maybe even check out their shop and see about adding some of these amazing products to your craft stash!

Thanks for sharing a piece of “Tinkerbell has nothin’ on me now when it comes to fairy dusting” pie with me.

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