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Fallin’ into Bucket Lists

We have started a tradition of making a banner of things we want to do with our kiddos each summer and crossing them off as we do them.  The kids were so sad I took down our “Summer of Fun” banner that I thought we should make a “fall bucket list”.  When I told my oldest, who is four and half, what I was thinking, she asked me what a bucket list is? Before I could answer her, she exclaimed, “I know, it is a list in a bucket!”.  I laughed so hard and realized she may be on to something.  So our Family Fall Bucket List was born!

I decided that I wanted to take a stab at making paper straws to use for the base of each item.  I researched how to make paper straws and kind of came up with my own way that seem to really work well and I was having more success in having them come out more even and sticking together than some of the ways I tried while researching.  I still don’t have it master , but in time and making about 500 more, I will be a pro:-)

In making the straws, I used some fall/Halloween 12×12 scrapbook paper, a 1/4 inch dowel, and some quick dry adhesive.  I added the adhesive to the back of the page and then I center the dowel and began to roll the paper.  I was sure to push the dowel around so the adhesive would not glue it to the inside of the paper as I rolled.

Once fully rolled, I wiped off any access adhesive on the dowel and started another. After I let each paper tube dry completely, I cut off the edges and then cut them down to the sizes I wanted.  I found if you are wanting to make the same sized straws, you can get two out of each paper tube. If you want the tube to be thinner, just cut down the paper before making a straw.

For the leaves, I cut out 2 inch and  2 1/2 inch leaves from page 61 of Doodle Charms using the blackout feature. I then distressed each leaf with stamping ink and then labeled them using ProMarkers. I then ran them trough the Cuttlebug with the Musical Flourish embossing folder.  I then added some Elmer’s Craft Bond- Clear Dual Tip around the edges and then dusted with fine glitter.

For the pumpkins, I used Stretch Your Imagination page 44.  I cut the fat pumpkins at 2 1/4 inches and the skinny pumpkins at 3 inches, 2 3/4 inches, and 2 1/2 inches.  I then distressed the edges, ran just the bodies of the pumpkins through the Cuttlebug using Distressed Stripes folder, and finished with Firefly Stickles.

For the sign, I used Mini Monograms cut at 3 inches, 3 1/2 inches, and 3 1 /4 inches.  I ran the back and front cuts through the Cuttlebug using Distressed Stripes folder and embellished it with buttons and bakers twine, from Twinery.

I used hot glue to attach each item to the straws, placed some paper crinkle in a bucket I found at Target and then added each item

Thank you for sharing a piece of “fallin’ into bucket lists” with me!

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