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Easy as Pie Trifle

We had a busy day going to the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History ‘s Butterfly Alive exhibit and when we got home I was needing to get dinner started since our really good friend was coming over.  Since it has been so hot here, the house was million degrees so the thought of turning on the oven to make a dessert was just plain insanity.   So as I was rethinking what to serve for dessert I came up with this idea.  Let ‘s just call it the Heavenly Lemon Berry Trifle!

I sent the hubs up to the store to pick up a premade angel food cake and a box of instant pudding. I grabbed a large lemon off my tree and washed and prepped some raspberries and strawberries and pulled out some all natural cool whip (from Trader Joe’s) I had.  Once I had all the ingredients I pulled apart the angel food cake into hearty pieces, mixed up vanilla pudding with lemon juice from a whole lemon and zest of lemon.  I then pulled out the Trifle dish that has been in my family for three generations and began building the trifle one layer at a time and popped into the fridge for about an hour or so before serving.

It was YUMMO and so easy.  It tasted like I spent all day on that dessert and will be a good staple to have on the menu in our house.

For a little extra- here is one of my camera shots of the day at the Butterfly exhibit. I call it “Butterfly Kisses”.  I could not believe my luck on getting this moment of my oldest little one.

Thanks for sharing a piece of “dessert can be easy as pie” with me!