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4th of July Pillow Case Dresses

This was my first ever attempt to make clothing and believe it or not I surprised myself on how easy these were.  Don’t ge me wrong, the  first dress took me three hours, but  then the second dress only took my about an hour and a half and trust me I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO SEW!  I am self- learning and I will say the worst part of the whole thing was trying to figure out the pattern – I felt that passing the Civil Service Exam would have been easier. 🙂

They turned out really cute and my girls loved wearing them in the local Push and Pull’em Parade on the 4th.

Pattern:  Simplicity

Material: Jo-Ann’s novelty material that was 50% off (I got 2.5 yards)

Ribbon: Satin 2.5 inch wide  (I got 4.5 yards)

Each dress cost $6.50  including the pattern.