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Simple Salutations made with Jinger Adams Collection


Hi all and happy Tuesday!

Today I have a fun card up over at Jinger’s blog!  Be sure to pop over and say I have check out how E-A-S-Y and fun a card made with her All-Occasion card kit can be!

547492_4574704326948_1293945750_n (1)

Thanks for sharing a piece of “keeping it real and simple” pie with me.


A is for Apple!


Hi all!  Today is my last day of having my oldest be home with me before she heads off to the great and new world of Kindergarten! Sniff, Sniff! To brown-nose kick off the year right, I decided to make her teacher a card to go along with all the “donations” of sanitize wipes, Kleenex, markers, and paper.  Sheesh! I guess that is the new rite of passage that goes along with now being a mom of school-aged kiddos.

Here is a peek at what you can find up over at Jinger Adams today!


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Jinger Adams meets Kiwi Lane Designs!

Hi all and happy back to posting day to you!

I have been B-U-S-Y with getting my almost Kindergartner ready for her first day of school! YIKES!  On a fun note, check out the fun layout I have up over at Jinger Adam’s Blog today.  I got to play with some Kiwi Lane Designs framing templates for the first time since we have teamed up with them this month and man were those fun! Head over and see how I did it!

DSC_7111Thanks for sharing a piece of ” Kiwi Lane Love” pie with me

Back in the Saddle with the Jinger Adams Collection


Hi all i am home and well rested from my week at the lake!  I am proud to say I managed to come home sunburn free!  Miracles do happen, especially since we were there during record breaking heat!   Today my post is up over at Jinger Adams’ blog! What a great way to kick back into gear.

Head OVER and check out the fun home decor project I made using her new Sweet Tart Collection.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this collection.  It is full of so many fun treats to play with, it is like having the best play date in your craft room!


Thanks for sharing a piece of “life is sweet tart good” pie with me!

Something Sweet Is Cookin’


Hi all!  First I want to say I am thinking and praying for all the tornado victims and their families in Oklahoma and my heart just goes out to those that were affected by this horrendous storm.  I lived in Dallas, Texas, 14 years ago and I had experienced a few myself, but nothing of this magnitude, so I can’t even imagine what these communities are going through.  I will be thinking of these sweet fellow Americans often.

Today is my first designer post over at Jinger Adams! It is a project that I had the honor of being featured under the bright lights of the HSN studio last month during her new collection launch.  The poor hubs was dragged out of bed at 6 AM to watch her shows with me!  I think that was his first time ever watching HSN!

Here is the sneak peek of something sweet I have cookin’ over at Jinger Adams today!


Now click HERE and indulge yourself on some amazing must-have scrapbooking and card kits! The design team has been having a lot of fun sharing all kinds of wonderful inspirations using this collection this past week that you will not want to miss as well!

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Dreams do Come True!


Well, do I have some A-M-A-Z-I-N-G news to share.  I have sat on this for a while and I am just bursting with joy to finally get to share this!   I am now one of the  new designer for my favorite crafting celebrity JINGER ADAMS!   Hey, she is the reason I own a Cricut!  She sold the heck out of that little bug to me one night when watching late night TV while I was on bedrest incubating life, and I have followed her ever since!

I had the privileged to meet her this past winter CHA and I was such a goofball with being so star struck!  I could barely talk and had nervous dry mouth, but I was on cloud nine for a month after meeting her (I think there is only one other celebrity that would do that to me and that would be any band member of U2)!  AND now I am on her team!  Dreams do come true!  I still pinch myself to make sure this is really happening! 🙂

Jinger Adams Collection Kits! 

All-Occasion Card Kit


Sweet Tart Scrapbooking Kit


To kick off the announcement of her new product and new team we have planned some amazing giveaways of her Collection Kits! Woot! Woot!  Make sure you follow the new designers blogs and give them a shout out in a comment. There will be a winner announced from each of the blogs!  Also, head over to Jinger’s Facebook page and be sure to LIKE it, you will not want to miss anything that she has cookn’!

Now head over and meet this AMAZINGLY TALENTED group of designers!