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DIY Chalks Up to Being So Much Fun!

Happy Saturday all!

Today is just a quick post on a quick DIY project I did today.  Chalkboard Picture Frame!  This project is sooo easy and fun.  One of those instant gratification jobs!  Once again the power tools in the garage were fired up and the hubs helped cut down a 1/4 inch of plastic sheeting he happened to have lying around (perks of being married to an Engineer) to fit a picture frame I found on sale at Michael’s!   You could just as easily use a sheet of glass to do the same.  I just happen to find only a frame that I HAD TO HAVE!

I then used a small power sander and lightly sanded the surface to prep the area for the paint to stick.  You would need to use that on glass to etch it for the paint to stick as well.

Then I just sprayed one layer, let dry and then another layer.  Once dry (in about 30 minutes), the hubs helped me secure it to the frame and . . . Tada!

I also found chalkboard pens at Jo-Ann’s the other day, but wanting to get a coupon to get them ($14 for 4 colors).

Thanks for sharing a piece of “doing it yourself with the hubs can be so much fun” pie with me!