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Using Vinyl as Stencils

I kind of came across this idea by a “forced” situation.    I originally purchased a saying to go in my stairwell via Ebay.  I had it up and all was well until about six months ago when the vinyl no longer was sticking.  Since we are wrapping up on our full remodel, I know that I put the vinyl down on new construction and paint (the vinyl was also heavy duty outdoor quality).  It should have been stuck amazingly well… too well.   I contacted the seller and that went nowhere. 

I decided to take things into my own hands and trace the outline of each letter/character myself with a pencil, peeled off the vinyl and then paint it by hand.  How hard could that be?   Famous last words . . .

It was not hard, just VERY time-consuming and a bit physically challenging since I had to have the hubs make me a platform I could use to place a ladder on so I was not reenacting any scene from Cirque du Sole while using a ladder. 

The size of the project is about 3 feet long and 18 inches wide.  It took about 5 hours to complete from start to finish (I broke it up in 1 1/2 – two-hour increments each day).  I used regular craft paint from JoAnn’s. 

The walls have a heavier “orange peel” texture to it so it made tracing and painting a bit more challenging than  if it wa a smooth wall.  I had to do some touch up with the base color of the walls, but all in all I am pretty happy on how it turned out AND  to be off the ladder in my 20 foot stairwell. 

What I am excited about is now that I have done this, I can now use my Cricut and make vinyl stencils (indoor quality does not stick as strong for easy peeling back off) and do more projects; one in particular is doing some wall designs for the playhouse we are building for my girls. . . more to come on that!