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Did Someone say Pickles?

Yes, you heard right . . . Pickles!  My aunt introduced me to a cool method of making the BEST and I do mean the BEST pickles I have ever had without all the hassle of canning.  DZ Pickles is the name and easy and delish is their game!

Today I headed over to the local farmer’s market and rounded me up about 4 lbs of cucumbers and a bunch of fresh dill.  I then skinned a whole blossom of garlic (around 12 cloves) and added dried red HOT peppers (the type you get in Kung Pao).  I arranged everything in a plastic “gallonish” container, poured the DZ Pickle brine in and then topped with water.  It will need to sit on my counter for about 8 days- tightening the lid every other day or so.  

After the 8 days are up they are ready to go into the fridge and eat!  Yummo! They are crisp, spicy and flavorful! 

 Some fun news:  This past Wednesday, while I was at the zoo with a dear friend and out kiddos, we shared the Santa Barbara Zoo train and “ant hill” (an artificial hill that is covered with Astroturf that kids can slide down) with none other than Mel Gibson and his adorable little girl!  I know… regardless of all the tabloid nonsense, I love his movies and was  a tad star struck.  But being from Southern California, I see and have interacted with my share of Hollywood celebs, but he was a neat person to run into. 

I am almost done with my “big” Cricut project.  I have one more thing to do and I should be posting pictures tomorrow sometime. 

Thank you for coming and sharing a piece of life’s pickled pie today! 🙂