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Craftin’ with the Kiddos!

This card was super fun to make because I got to get my kids involved! I painted one of their sweet little hands and guided them each to make a print in the pattern that formed a heart.  I then used a stamp sentiment in the middle.  They helped me put together the card and pick out the paper and ribbon.   We made 4 of these for different occasions and people.

Thanks for sharing a piece of “craftn’ kiddos” pie with me!


Card was a 8.5×11 cut in half and folded over.

The handprints were made by using craft paint (the size of the hands to fit the card  are of a 3 and 4-year-old little girls who do have VERY small hands that are not of average size for their ages… I have very petite little girls.)

Paper: Brazzill Pink Flower Embossed paper

Ribbon: Celebrate It

Stamp ink: Close to My Heart – Cotton Candy

Sentiment: K. Andrew Designs – Coffee, Tea, You and Me



I wanted to make a thank you gift for dear friends for being amazing host and hostess during our recent visit and personal tour of Pixar while we were in Northern California for a quick trip! Yes! The one and only Pixar that has quite a stash of Oscars hanging around! Our friends are part of the Pixar family (employee) and tours are on an invitation only basis from an inside source.

The tour was amazing and the kids just loved every moment especially hitting the complimentary employee breakfast cereal rooms.  We got to have lunch among the amazing and creative minds of the Pixar family in the Pixar Cafe and had a chance to see how it buzzes with creativity during a work week!  I never felt so lucky as we drove through the security gates with special Pixar badges stating “A stranger from the outside”.  An experience that we will always remember!

My girls got to finally meet their “boyfriends”! They just love Toy Story!

Pixar Award Display! AMAZING!

How does one express a heartfelt thank you for such a lovely day to such great hosts?  Make them something to carry on their host and hostess with the mostess with a fun and creative flare thanks to another Bay Area creative giant. . . good ol’ Pinterest inspiration!

This is how I did it:

  • I found wine glasses at Costco for $1 a glass in a “party pack” of 12.  These glasses feel wonderful in your hand and they are perfect for both white and red wines.
  • Next I picked up some chalkboard spray paint and then taped the bottom of the stems with painters tape and then wrapped the goblets with paper towels securing with more painter’s tape.
  • I set them on a cookie tray covered in a few layers of newspaper upside down and sprayed the foot of the glasses with a few coats each.  I let them dry over night and TA-DA! You have a perfect surface for chalking up the guest list or cute sentiment for the party theme!

I added a bottle of bubbly Moscato wine that is in a pretty bottle (can be found at Trader Joe’s for under $10).

Thanks for coming and sharing a piece of “life is a party” pie with me!

Gettin’ Patriotic Chic!

In getting ready for our big 4th of July day one of my projects consisted of making shirts for a group of us that will be participating in a local Push and Pull’em parade.  The parade is a blast where you decorate wagons, strollers,  bikes, and even make homemade push items (my hubs made a Corsair plane that is always a hit)!

I saw this idea via Pinterest and took it a different direction. I am in the process of making 6 shirts and they are SUPER easy.  All you need is some Jumbo Ric Rack, Gerber daisy, bling and a hot glue gun.  I got the T-shirts at Target for $7!

Thanks for coming and sharing a piece of “feeling patriotic with a little chicness to it pie” with me

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